User charter

The website called OpenRadiation site is a service offered by OpenRadiation partners in order to promote exchanges about radioactivity in the community.

You can give your opinion, share your comments, or contribute to the measurements, especially through the "missions" which are spaces of exchange within a small group with a specific objective.

For this you must accept the following conditions:

  1. You must be registered on the platform this registration is free and requires at least a user name (it is advisable to choose a nickname without direct relationship with your real identity) and a valid email address. You have read the terms of use of the OpenRadiation site and accept them without reservation.
  2. By posting your comments on OpenRadiation site, you agree to transfer a right of use to OpenRadiation, non-exclusive, not limited in time and free of charge. You agree to make constructive remarks, in connection with the subject, with propriety, and in the respect of the legislation: particularly the comments which would not respect the legislation (personal remarks, defamatory, insulting , xenophobia, in violation of the copyright or the right to the image, not respecting the private life, ...) or which are irrelevant (without relation with the subject of the site, namely the radioactivity and its measure) are banned.
  3. By publishing files, especially in the private areas called "missions", you agree to publish only files related to the subject treated, in a readable, standard and interoperable format (pdf, jpeg, ...), in ensuring the integrity and quality of the files. In addition, these files, in the same way as the comments, must respect the legislation especially the copyright. Furthermore, make sure you do not exceed a predictable weight according to the nature of the document and prefer a compressed format (zip, 7z, gzip, ...).
  4. You can at any time modify your publications or request their deletion in the conditions available in the legal notice, heading « personal data ». In this case OpenRadiation loses the rights that applied to the data that was thus removed from the publication. However, this clause does not apply to the measurements that are taken and associated data, which constitute the OpenRadiation base.
  5. OpenRadiation has the right to delete without notice comments or remarks that do not respect the conditions above, or even to ban the user of the site.
  6. Display your username and email address: only your username and email address are required for registration. The email address is not communicated to other members of the network. You can complete your profile with additional information: surname, first name, postal code, avatar, etc. This additional information allows other members of the network to find you. Involvement in missions as project manager: involvement as a project manager is subject to approval by the webmaster.
  7. If you are project manager of a mission, you become the guarantor of the integrity of the comments and files constituting the mission. You owe it to yourself to respect and enforce this charter in the space of the mission. In addition, the project manager must be clearly identified: first name, last name and postal code will be requested by the webmaster of the site.
  8. Finally, if you see a comment or file that does not comply with this charter, we would be grateful if you would report it to the site administrator using the contact page.