Cosmic on Air on Youtube !


Cosmic on Air on Youtube !

Sharing tutorials and other material related to cosmic ray measurement is one of the aims of the Cosmic On Air Youtube channel! Discover Cosmic On Air on Youtube!

The Cosmic on Air project is a participatory science project that aims to collect dose rate measurements made on board aircraft by the public, organize them and make them available to the scientific community, particularly those that might be made during solar flares.

These phenomena can significantly increase dose rates at flight altitudes. Solar flares are sporadic phenomena, and those with a significant effect in terms of dose rate are rare. For this reason, very few on-board measurements have been made, which limits our understanding of these phenomena in the atmosphere.

Thanks to Marc R. for his contribution to this project and to the creation of new videos, as part of a student internship! 

Cosmic on air project overview - YouTube

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Monday 01 July 2024
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